Commission a Work

I would love to write music for you! Contact me and I will take you with me on a musical Journey.

Artistic starting point

We will discuss, which (new) location on the Map of Miracles to musically develop. I will create from that artistic starting point and add in all the other wishes you have for your concert and instruments. Now we have that idea, let’s get practical.

Getting practical

What I will ask you about the Composition:

  • What are your wishes for your ensemble? (No and none are options)
  • Is there something the members want to explore? 
  • What are the preferred instruments of the musicians? 
  • What doubles might the musicians want to play?
  • Where will you play? (outside, inside, recording)
  • How long do you want the piece(s) to be?
  • How does the piece fit into your concert – program?
  • What will the audience will be like?
  • Who else do you want to involve? (Video-artist, dancer, charity etc.)

About the event:

  • When do you start rehearsing?
  • When is your concert?
  • Shall I put your page on my website before your concert? Or keep it private for your ensemble?
  • How about other co-results: 
    • An article for your magazine.
    • A podcast about your composition.
    • A video with the project.
    • Social media sharing.

The Creative Process

You can follow the creation of your composition on your own living page. On that page you will find:

  • A description of your location on the Map of Miracles. 
  • Answers to the above questions.
  • Sketches, thoughts, media.
  • A blogpost link to the ideas I get while writing.
  • The Play-flow of the composition. (See below)
  • The final work: Score and parts for download in PDF.

The Play-flow:

  • Take 0: photo of a paper sketch, just for the fun of it! 
  • Take 1: The first draft of the composition.
    • To learn more and save you time, I also involve other musicians/composers to improve Take 1. For your project I’ll approach: 
      • …?
      • …?
      • …?
  • Take 2: Teach the composer. The already improved version will go to your ensemble/orchestra for proof-reading. You have 2 weeks to respond. E-mail a picture of your part(s) with all your doodling or list bars&remarks. Make clear what part it’s about. I will improve the work accordingly.
  • Take 3: The final composition will be ready for download.

The Final Result

Please, send me a video of your performance or a recording of the work. I will put those on your page to enjoy.

The After-party

Now, our musical journey is complete. We can discuss the project online, walk through your page and share the video, if you like that idea. 

Then, we can look forward to meeting some-one, who’s planning a new journey to an unknown location on the Map of Miracles.

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