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Das Hirtenbüblein

Instruments: Flutes (one player: piccolo, flute, alt-flute), Marimba, Vibraphone, Cymbal, Triangle, Claves.

Februari 2020 This composition was requested by Triomotion, a trio that comprises mallet-percussionists and a flute player for their chamber-concert in the Opern-foyer of the Staatstheater in Kassel.

The composition is based on a fairy-tale by the Grimm-brothers. Read more about the story and inspiration.

“Das Hirtenbüblein”. Premiere: Kassel, Staatstheater by TrioMotion, 24-02-2020

Premiere “Das Hirtenbüblein”, Staatstheater Kassel, feb 2020, Triomotion. With introduction by the composer herself.

Das Hirtenbüblein for Woodwind Quintet

Pentason Woodwind Quintet: Constanze Betzl (Flöte), Judith Gerdes (Oboe), Britta Jones, ( Klarinette ), Jörg Partzsch , (Fagott), Endre Todt (Horn).
The Shepherds’Boy, Pentason Woodwind Quintet, Kassel. Musikalische Abendandacht, 14 – 11- 2020

Das Hirtenbüblein mit Stimme, Anneloes erzählt die Geschichte dazu.

Pubermeisjes (Puberty girls)

Instruments: 4 or more flutes, 2 piccolo

During my summerschool at the Musik Akademie Marktoberdorf 2018, I met a great group of flute players. (They performed a piece for piccolo’s, and we concluded after that, that the es-clarinet is not such a horrible instrument after all.) It seemed to me that there would be much more possible with flutes and piccolo’s, so I wrote ‘Pubermeisjes’ (Girls in puberty) . The giggling, gossiping and sadness of girls together in school-toilets, inspired me to write this piece.

Pubermeisjes, conducting C. Betzl, rehearsal flute-section of Wind-richtung 2019

“Bore out” Tango

Instruments: Saxopone ensemble, 1 clarinet and 1 percussionist

In the summer of 2018 I visited a composition summerschool at the Musikakademie of Marktoberdorf. I brought a tango and the saxophone section decided to play the piece during their musical party.

The piece is a test to hear how long you can go on with a not so interesting theme. Hence the name ‘Bore out’, as opposed to the more common ‘Burned out’ in my other pieces, that are sometimes full of abrupt changes and ideas.

Bore out Tango, conducting A. Wolters, saxophone section Wind-richtung 2018.

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