Symphonic Work

Paint Music on the Bright Side of your Tears

Instruments: 29 musicians, small string-section, combining strings, tuba-euphonium-quartet, woodwinds, saxophones, harp, percussion and singers.

‘I paint music’ started as a love-song. But it changed after I heard stories about people who, suffering from the corona-virus, had to wait at home, behind glass, in quarantine. People forced to stay at home, while loved ones are in the hospital fighting for their lives.

These stories changed the composition into music about the fear of loosing loved ones, not being able to hold their hands. Being stuck behind a glass window, not being able to say a final good-bye.

Paint Music on the Bright Side of my Tears, MIDI-file.

The music comes visually alive by the inspiring sand-show designed by sand-artist Immanuel Boie. Who can also be invited for a live show.

Download the score here:

I Paint Music Piano-reduction

I Paint Music on the Bright Side of your Tears, piano-reduction MIDI-file

When needed a piano-part with click-track can be provided for online projects.