Take 2: I paint Music

‘I paint music’ started as a love-song. But it changed after I heard stories about people who, suffering from the corona-virus, had to wait at home, behind glass, in quarantine. People in Italy were even forced to stay at home, while loved ones are in the hospital fighting for their lives.

Paint Music on the Bright Side of my Tears, MIDI, Definitive Version.

These stories changed the composition into music about the fear of loosing loved ones, not being able to hold their hands. Being stuck behind a glass window, not being able to say a final good-bye.

The music comes visually alive by the inspiring sand-show designed by sand-artist Immanuel Boie. Who can be invited during your live performance.

I paint music, test-version take 2, sand-art by I. Boie, music by A. Wolters

I based the music on a song I wrote for inspiration. I intended to implement the whole song into the composition, but finally, I used motives of the song in the composition. Only a few words were left. Why use words, when music says it all?


The composition is written for a small symphonic orchestra, with the main sound in the middle register: viola’s. The orchestra will be supported by a Tuba-Euphonium quartet and saxophones to provide a warm, golden sound.

Initial Orchestration idea, MIDI demo of Take 1 on I Paint.

Mallets and timpani provide speed and depth. There will be a short marching band cymbal performance, to enhance the impact of breaking sea-aquarium windows.

There are parts for singers as well, they sing a hopeful part of the song-text at the end of the piece.

This orchestration is not ‘regular’: The goal is to unite instruments and people that normally wouldn’t play together. Strings, Singers and Brass play in different types of ensembles, but I think that in these difficult times for music, a composition should also unite people from different musical backgrounds.

1,5 meter concerts

Maybe, we have will have to face a period of ‘1,5 meter’- concerts and rehearsals. This composition can be played with less performers on stage than a normal orchestra. Corona-proof compositions can be played with max. 30 musicians excl. conductor, given the present Dutch regulations.

Even few players per part or soloists will do, when smaller orchestra’s are required. The percussion is organised in ‘pits’, so there is no walking at the stage during performances.

Combined On- and offline project

Choirs are hit hard by corona, chances are that it will be a long time before choirs can perform again. This composition is designed for an online choir attribution.

People can join online, by singing along the last part. The idea is that people sing at home, record it and send it to me. I will make a mix out of these recordings. This mix will be used during a live performance of the composition. This way, our online past will always be present in the composition. Hopefully, a live choir can be present on stage soon.

Full online project

During the last online musical period, we found new ways to share music online. To make it possible to play this composition during an online project, the composition is optimized for online performance: A PAD Bass will provide intonation guidance, a click-track and piano will help with rhythm and interpretation.

Conductor Arne Visser will provide a video conducting the composition. You can play along with a piano-recording and click-track viewing the video of online conductor Arne Visser. This way we will all play in tune and on time.

Recordings can be mixed into a full online orchestra and choir. Making it possible to have a complete recording of this composition, when studio’s are still closed for complete symphonic orchestra’s.

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