Tiny Beads For Harp

I write these experiments to learn and explore how to write for the harp during my online summer-school 2021 with harpist and specialist teacher for composers Danielle Kuntz.

These are SMALL pieces for a BIG & GRAND instrument:

Pocket-sized #9

Instrument: Lever/Pedal Harp

Pocket-sized Bead #9 Version 1, 24-07-2021

Humble Bead #8

Instrument: Lever/Pedal Harp

Humble Bead #8 Version 1, 24-07-2021

Modest Bead #7

Instrument: Pedal Harp

Modest Bead #7, Version 1, 14-07-2021

Yea Big Bead #6

Instrument: Harp (Lever/Pedal)

Yea Big Bead #6, Version 1, 14-07-2021

Infinitesimal Bead #5

Instrument: Pedal Harp

Infinitesimal Bead #5, Version 1, 09-07-2021

Petite Bead #4

Instrument: Pedal Harp

Petite Bead #4, Version 3, Improved 05-07-2021

Petite Bead #4 Version 2, Improved 28-06-2021

Petite Bead #4 Version 1, by A. Wolters

Micro Bead #3

Instrument: Pedal Harp

Micro Bead #3 Version 3, Improved 05-07-2021

Micro Bead #3, Version 2, Improved 28-06-2021

Micro Bead #3, Version 1 by A. Wolters

Mini Bead #2

Instrument: Pedal Harp

Mini Bead #2 Version 4, Improved 05-07-2021

Mini Bead #2 Version 3, Improved 28-06-2021

Mini Bead #2 Version 2, improved 18-06-2021

Mini Bead #2 Version 1

Tiny Bead #1

Instrument: Harp

Tiny Bead #1 Version 4, Improved 05-07-2021

Tiny Bead #1 Version 3, Improved 28-06-2021

Tiny Bead #1 Version 2, Improved 18-06-2021

Tiny Bead #1 Version 1


Microscopic, miniature, minuscule, puny, slight, teeny, Lilliputian, bitsy, bitty, diminutive, infinitesimal, itsy-bitsy, itty-bitty, little, micro #3, midget, mini #2, minikin, minimum, minuscular, minute, nano, negligible, pee-wee, petite #4, pint-sized, pocket, pocket-size, teensy, teensy-weensy, tiny #1, trifling, wee, yea big #6, insignificant, small, Cramped, limited, meager, microscopic, miniature, minuscule, modest #7, narrow, paltry, poor, short, slight, small-scale, young, baby, bantam, diminutive, little, petty, scanty, shrimp, toy, trifling, humble #8, immature, inadequate, inconsequential, inconsiderable, insufficient, picayune, piddling, pitiful, pocket-sized #9, puny, runty, scrubby, stunted, trivial, undersized, unpretentious, insufficient, limited, meager, scant, slight, Lilliputian, bantam, brief, diminutive, dinky, infant, infinitesimal #5, junior, light, mini, miniature, minute, peanut, petite, short, snub, toy, wee, young, babyish, cramped, elfin, embryonic, fleeting, hardly any, hasty, immature, imperceptible, inappreciable, inconsiderable, microscopic, not big, not large, short-lived, shrimpy, shriveled, skimpy, sparse, stubby, stunted, teeny, tiny, truncated, undersized, undeveloped, wizened


Colossal, considerable, enormous, fat, full, gigantic, hefty, huge, immense, massive, sizable, substantial, tremendous, vast, a whale of a, ample, awash, brimming, bulky, bull, burly, capacious, chock-full, commodious, copious, crowded, extensive, heavy-duty, heavyweight, hulking, humongous, husky, jumbo, mammoth, mondo, monster, oversize, packed, ponderous, prodigious, roomy, spacious, strapping, stuffed, super colossal, thundering, voluminous, walloping, whopper, whopping, ambitious, awe-inspiring, dignified, glorious, grandiose, imposing, large, lofty, luxurious, magnificent, marvelous, monumental, noble, opulent, palatial, splendid, stately, sumptuous, august, dynamite, elevated, fine, rich, smashing, striking, super, admirable, eminent, exalted, excellent, fab, first-class, first-rate, haughty, illustrious, majestic, ostentatious, outstanding, pompous, pretentious, regal, something else, sublime, superb, terrific, unreal, very good.

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