Story in Music

“A composer imagines phantastic worlds in sound.”


For the composition course at the music-academy 2023 in Marktoberdorf, Germany, I wrote “Hush“: A story about 1. Girl &1. Bear. 

The Wise Shepherd-boy

The shepherdboy, A. Wolters, Music Pentason, Sand-art I. Boie

In this Moment

Aired on the Manhattan Broadcast Network, NYC Saturday 22 – 07- 2023 Mary Beth Orr sang and played “Waiting for the Beast to Die“.


Textile Art Inspired: Lunar Mare

This year I will design a textile puppet theatre, below an experiment with felting techniques inspired by poetry. Read more about the development of a new work called Lunar Mare



Gertrude Uhrtreide

The Musical Characters Series: An illustrated childrens’ music book in the making, for piano solo and piano&voice. 


Gertrude von Uhrtreide for piano solo:




Norwegian Christmas

Have a cosy Chrismans eve with this story. Read it along with the music and sand-animation, for a personal experience at home.

The Flute of the Shepherd-girl, harp D. Kuntz, Sand-art I. Boie


New Project

LUNAR MARE Spring 2023 for The Institute for Curiosity An experiment with textile art in my studio. While felting haiku’s by poet A. Darriulad (f), I studied Schönberg’s Models for beginners in Composition and his notes for the first lessons of Alban Berg.

Inspired by a pearl-shell button that made the moon in my felted textile art, I researched the seas of the moon: LUNAR MARE. Their measurements will inspired the mathematical FORM of the composition. 





Next Performance

27 March 2023 Online Premiere Mary Beth Orr will sing and play “Waiting for the Beast to Die”. This new composition is an opera turned into a small song that could fit in a little bottle and sail the sea.

Summer 2023 Chambermusic afternoon. Presenting an illustrated music book for piano solo and Piano & Voice. In collaboration with pianist and educator Julia Urinyova I composed easy to play but modern music for everybody who loves playing the piano, but isn’t a pro. 

A little teaser: 

Next Projects

Spring 2023 Studio Children’s illustrated music book.

Summer 2023, Musik Akademie Marktoberdorf, ‘The NightTh.Inkgail’. Tryptich inspired by ‘Margina‘. Study of how to use the idea’s of Stockhausen, create darkness and shaping a more dynamic 3D magical soundscape.



Past Projects

11 December 2022, Delft Premiere “House with the open door”. 

Blazen aan het Spui 2022. “Willem de Zwijger” live performance by the Greenport Bones.

Winter 2021 The flute of the Shepherd-girl

Summer 2021 Van Marken Dag

Spring 2020 Das Hirtenbüblein Kassel, Musiktheater.


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