Story in Music

“A composer imagines phantastic worlds in sound and hugely invests in non-existing futures.”

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The Wise Shepherd-boy

The shepherdboy, A. Wolters, Music Pentason, Sand-art I. Boie

In this Moment

Project: Dog Paw Fanfare. A Trumpet Fanfare for an outdoor party, with a part for experienced dog imitators.

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Dog Paw Fanfare
Dog Paw Fanfare, digital instruments.

Unbirthday Song

12 March 2022 The Unbirthday Song performed during the ‘Fifteen Minutes of Fame’ performed by Danielle Kuntz.

Unbirthday Song, performed by D. Kuntz.
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The Flute of the Shepherd-girl

The Flute of the Shepherd-girl, harp D. Kuntz, Sand-art I. Boie

New Project

Autumn 2022 Juan Tapas Chamber opera for fanfare, 2 harps, women choir and 2 soprano’s. The story of a prince and princess told by their mothers.

Juan Tapas, how a prince becomes a pirate.

Next Performance

Blazen aan het Spui 2022. “Willem de Zwijger” live performance by the Greenport Bones.

Next Projects

Summer 2022, Three Matches and a Torch. Study of the creative flow of composing music & illustrations.

Summer 2022, Musik Akademie Marktoberdorf, ‘The NightTh.Inkgail’. Study of how to use the idea’s of Stockhausen, create darkness and shaping a more dynamic 3D magical soundscape.

Autumn 2022, ‘The Necklace’. Study of form changing over time.

Winter 2022, The House with the empty chairs. The result of all previous projects: A Christmas Story in music and images, all designed to make a fold-out illustrated music-book.

Past Projects

Winter 2021 The flute of the Shepherd-girl

Summer 2021 Van Marken Dag

Spring 2020 Das Hirtenbüblein

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My Miraculous Journey

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