Visual Spacial Creativity

In my previous blog about Creativity I came to the conclusion that ‘me in my studio’, my mini “Institute for Curiosity” should: change all the time: size, dimensions, values, colors, sounds… limit until the absurd, then invite chaos. create problems. provide problem-inventors. make things more complicated. help asking Why? from the beginning. offer a search for unthinkable… Continue reading Visual Spacial Creativity

Zoom in – Zoom out

We got stuck in a Zoom-in-meeting about details. Now, let’s Zoom-out of this meeting and write some Beautiful music. Let me explain: Inventive composers are always educating themselves. So it’s important to think about the best way to study your whole life, all the time. My personal experiences come from a self-educating perspective, an autodidact… Continue reading Zoom in – Zoom out

Repetition doesn’t make real

I was just thinking ‘Repetition doesn’t make Real’. Is a rehearsal a re-hearing? Or is it a re-petition? A lot of time is spend repeating phrases, parts, pieces. The conductor sets a personal goal and the musicians try to satisfy his/her demand. But this builds up to a co-dependence: The conductor needs the orchestra to… Continue reading Repetition doesn’t make real

Seymour Bernstein

From his book With my own two hands Rhythms govern the universe. It’s awe-inspiring to gaze into the heavens and contemplate the speed and predictable course of each planet. The rhythmic change of the seasons. Rhythm refers to any regulated movement containing strong and weak pulses. As, for example the ebb and flow of tides.… Continue reading Seymour Bernstein

Viola and kindness

. . . . . . . . Courage It takes courage to look back and be kind to everything you created.  Being accepting and kind to all the Music that came to you, is much more provoking  than ‘critiquing’ it. . . . . . . . . . Kindness I never thought about… Continue reading Viola and kindness