Teddy is Music

Let me tell you a little about my previous profession, I promise, this is going to be fascinating:  Before I was blessed with this strange talent, I was a teddy-bear-doctor with a teddy-bear-hotel, where your ‘Teddy’ could go for wellness and treatment. Costumers would send their Teddy on a holiday by mail and I would… Continue reading Teddy is Music

The Necklace as a new beginning

“The New Beginning” is a composition by S. Melillo, that made me think “full circle” with the ‘necklace’-idea!! Look at the necklace picture. It’s not a mistake nor a problem: this is the FORM of a new beginning.  Remember Stephen telling me never to use the word “problem”, but “challenge” instead? He was right: Problems… Continue reading The Necklace as a new beginning

Thinking Tool: Q&A in a FORM-poem

When I have to think about structural, philosophical, emotional or spiritual dimensions of Music, or have to find my path through new territory. I formulate questions, words, ideas, answers and put the into a FORM. FORM helps form-ulate all thoughts, helps stripping it down to a minimum of words, structures ideas, connects and repeats. It’s… Continue reading Thinking Tool: Q&A in a FORM-poem

Werken in Wezep

Vanwege werkzaamheden voor ons huis, hebben we de afgelopen weken gewoond en gewerkt op de B&B van boerderij “Op Vollenhof” te Wezep. Een inspirerende omgeving met dieren, tuin, wijnstokken, zonnepanelen, geiten, kippen, paarden. Achterin het veld een imker met originele rieten korven. Boven de bomen allerhand roofvogels en een kerkuil op het terrein. Terwijl iedereen… Continue reading Werken in Wezep

The making of my new logo

The new header is the making of paper-artist Hannah Biemold. She designed and than cut this paper header: She made a scan, so we can see it on the website as a header, with all the nice details that is so typical for this unbelievable paper-art. In real live, this piece is 30 cm long.… Continue reading The making of my new logo

Programmatic versus absolute music

Last week, I was attending a webinar, where two composers discussed their music. On the chat appeared the question whether to program ‘ programmatic, comfortable story-telling music’, taking the listener by the hand or ‘absolute, sound and form-based’ music that forces the listener to discover the music by himself and educates him. Story or FORM… Continue reading Programmatic versus absolute music