Visual Spacial Creativity

In my previous blog about Creativity I came to the conclusion that ‘me in my studio’, my mini “Institute for Curiosity” should: change all the time: size, dimensions, values, colors, sounds… limit until the absurd, then invite chaos. create problems. provide problem-inventors. make things more complicated. help asking Why? from the beginning. offer a search for unthinkable… Continue reading Visual Spacial Creativity

Repetition doesn’t make real

I was just thinking ‘Repetition doesn’t make Real’. Is a rehearsal a re-hearing? Or is it a re-petition? A lot of time is spend repeating phrases, parts, pieces. The conductor sets a personal goal and the musicians try to satisfy his/her demand. But this builds up to a co-dependence: The conductor needs the orchestra to… Continue reading Repetition doesn’t make real

Exploring music and psychology

This page will be developed after I have worked through ‘music and physiology’ . (All on ‘music and the brain’ can be found under ‘music and physiology’) Links to explore: Published papers coming with Monuments of Partimenti by Robert Gjerdinger.