The Necklace as a new beginning

“The New Beginning” is a composition by S. Melillo, that made me think “full circle” with the ‘necklace’-idea!!

Look at the necklace picture. It’s not a mistake nor a problem: this is the FORM of a new beginning. 

Remember Stephen telling me never to use the word “problem”, but “challenge” instead?

He was right: Problems don’t exist in Music, there are only new beginnings. 

That is liberating…isn’t it?

A new beginning looks like a necklace made by a creative happy child, exploring, choosing the most colorful pearls. Later on, you learn what ‘people think to be beautiful’. After a while, you stop adding new pearls, because you grow up, afraid you might end up with ‘chaos’, afraid to start all over again without any appreciated result.

But the whole idea of growing as an artist is to go back to that colorful, challenging ‘necklace’ again and again…and again…adding pearls, taking it down, gluing glitter, painting them like mushrooms or unicorns.

And be happy with all results.

“My mind was ablaze with new ideas and possible projects.”

A new beginning isn’t just one perfect idea, it’s a storm of ideas and they all come at the same time. Like pearls in a jar you spread out on a table. 

Now I know how to start over again to play, grow, develop, laugh and explore.

Full circle!

By Anneloes Wolters