Felting Soundcolors

For a new composition for Torch, I am experimenting with a new way to inspire my orchestration by felting. I wanted to know whether I would orchestrate differently, when I am inspired by textiles, specifically felting by hand. I wanted to know whether the felting, the rubbing, the smell of the soap, the time not working on the music would inspire new orchestrations. You can see the felted fabric for inspiration for soundcolors at #Paints.

Pictures from my hand-felt experiments

Wet hand-felting is a simple process: you take wool fibre, add water and soap and rub it until the fibres stick together. The longer you rub the fibres, the denser the fabric will become. I like to work with natural, plantbase materials to make my own fabrics. The wool is a fine merino. I used a natural soap, I liked the small piece of soap produced in the Netherlands, Werfzeep.

You can design a fabric with different layers, that will stick together after felting. The little wool balls are made to fill cushions, but also work very well as snow.

After layering the wool, you wet the fibres with water and soap. After rubbing for some time, you get a piece of cloth.

When the fabric has been felted, use some vinaigre to neutralize the soap, rinse and you are done. After the fabric has dried, you can add beads and needle felt additional accents of color. 

In my studio, I collected a lot of beads to add, sweet water pearls, glass pearls, tigre eyes, shells. The finished textile art will be more detailed, like embellishments or articulation in music. The end product will be a quilt in felt and a quilt in music.

By Anneloes Wolters


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