Energy-curves of FORM and STORY

Last week I learned that the “story-telling-energy-space-curve” I wanted to obtain (black curve in the picture), is not the energy-space-curve this particular (34-matrix) FORM projects.

Seeing the energy-curve of STORY, comparing it with that of FORM

I connected this particular FORM with ORCHESTRATION through key-changes following that particular FORM. There evolved an energy-space curve, following the FORM naturally, but it was not the one I was looking for.

Still the music is fine..

I can SEE now, that the “classical-story-telling-curve-form”, is not the FORM I saw this summer.

But, I can now search for the FORM that fits my personal preferred “story-telling-energy-curve” best. Improving my work every composition in this direction. 

When I find the right FORM, the MUSIC will just flow naturally into a story.

This way, hopefully, the composition will be able to tell a story and MUSIC will still make the emotion. Avoiding the pitfalls of a too literal translation of story into music. 

By Anneloes Wolters


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