Fountain of Life



Instruments: Wind Orchestra

Occasion: April 2019 WASBE international composition Contest. (work-title ‘Lorelei’)

Duration and level: 6:30 min. Grade: 4

Story: All kinds of creatures entering through the eye of the planet: The Fountain of Life. The Good and Evil creatures can both enter, because the Tree of Good and Evil has been cut down. 

But it’s a dark place when giant black squid come to live on the planet and color a whole river. 

The percussion starts bringing an enchanting atmosphere. The Fountain can be light and enchanting when sparkling silver fish jump out of the water. The woodwinds and tambourine represent creatures with a seductive nature. The brass section represents the happy working, festive creatures, like content white sheep and sheep-dogs. 

The structure of the composition is based on the story structure as explained in ‘The anatomy of story‘ by John Truby. The composer combined this with the theory on songs as described in ‘The addiction formula: a holistic approach to writing captivating, memorable hit songs’ by F. Findeisen.

You recognize these structures by the opening with the enchanting story world, two struggles ending in one big climax, followed by a more reflective part. The piece finishes with a short definitive battle and, in this particular case, an unchanged story world.