Melodia for Ukraine

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Melodio Ukraine piano-violin (Arr. A. Wolters)

Melodio Ukraine violin (Arr. A. Wolters)


About the piece

During the war in Ukraine, the song ‘Melodia’ circulates as a musical answer. My inspiration for the atmosphere in my arrangement of this song, was a book: “The Lost Pianos of Siberia” by Sophy Roberts. It describes how piano’s from Russia, Poland and Ukraine ended up in Siberia. It’s a deeply discomforting book because of the horrors described and the contrast with the love for music and the piano is almost distopian.

The details in my arrangement are the result of pictures in newspapers. There are often pictures of  bombed buildings that have still a single perfectly preserved room, but you can see it from the street, looking through the broken walls. I added a siren with a dobbler effect to sympolize all the movement around that spot.

The piece has a short series of repeated sequences that represent the sound of PTSS. I wanted to express that people remember that one moment, again and again. I did not write a complete work of minimal music, because I wanted to contrast that effect with the music from a more romantic musical heritage. As all people have these contrasting feelings within themselves, I find this more satisfying to listen to.

Then we hear the comforting melodia again, perfectly preserved, like a mothers’ voice, comforting her child. I ended the piece with a little hope but without a resolution. We have charity events while others need help, this music is written to share and support each other while help is needed.

Study the violin part with the piano mock-up: