Three Matches

Main Thought:
The key to unleashed Creativity might be a special kind of work-flow.

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When you found your element, creativity is supposed to happen ‘automatically’. I got lucky, my flow jumpstarted and never ended, but ‘why? & how?’

A lot of composers struggle with the ‘fear of the white page’. They don’t look forward to a New Beginning, the way I do. Even though they need ‘their voice out’ & ‘be heard’ so badly, they get stuck at the beginning of each new composition.

Can I help artists get rid of the ‘fear of the white paper’ by better understanding/improving my workflow and sharing the results with others on a dedicated webpage?

It takes a certain open dissociative mindset of letting go and happy failures AND a scientific work-flow of hypothesis, experiments & conclusions to ignite the Torch of Creativity, enjoy the flames and keep it burning all the time.

Because working that way:

  • You always know what’s next to do.
  • There is no ‘blanc’ moment left in the process.
  • You start creating a cohesive Work of Arts that points to future music by itself.
  • You create a ‘spiral’ of works, not a ‘line’.

This would mean that I research what people mean by creativity, how the brain works best in this process, write down my own workflow. Then I compare the outcome of this research with my practical experiences as a composer. The outcome could help me improve my workflow and others find their own preferred workflow and ignite their Torch of Creativity. you can follow the process on a dedicated page and comment there.

The Musical experiment:
I would like to create 3 Matches.(added later: three prophets. Because Matches can help others Light their Torch of Creativity. And always: the first is wet, the second dies too soon, the third burns your fingers but lights thing up.

I use my (updated) workflow to ignite “The three matches”. Being:

  1. An underwater-match made out of fluorescent fish on a leash of kelp
  2. A safety match made out of fireflies on a stick
  3. A dangerous match made of uncontrollable fire-butterflies in an iron cage

the result will be:

  1. write a tryptic: Story in Music using that workflow.
  2. Write a Story

The story: The eternal christmas market needs the stove lit with fire from the torch made of the tree of Good and Evil. The house with the open doors,

  1. draw 3 illustrations with that Story.

What I did: I experimented with my work-flow in Music, Illustration and Writing. Is the process I use similar to writing a story in Music? And a story in drawings? What workflow ignites creativity? Can that help others to get excited each New Beginning?

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