Voor Welmoet

This composition is a gift for one of the founders and leaders of trombone-choir ‘The Greenport Bones’: He became a father for the first time. I wrote this composition for his wife, Welmoet.

There is a ‘Take One’ for everything.

This composition is ‘Take 1’ on my journey discovering FORM, as taught by S. Melillo, using DNA and a Fibonacci-numbered FORM.

The composition consists of two DNA’s: The two DNA’s mingle and live together in a Fibonacci numbered FORM, naturally, like two people in a great marriage.

(Learn more about composing with DNA)

The trombone-choir ‘The Greenport Bones’ is a complete choir: The founders play alto- and contrabas-trombone. I composed solo’s for these fine instruments: The high jubilee golden and the low trusted voices of these two friends.

You can play the ‘Take’ that you like best, or play them all and experience what adding time does for a composition, music needs time to grow, like a child. I prefer Take 3, but you might prefer one of the others. I will add more time to this composition in the future to let it grow more, new Takes will emerge then.

There is no right or wrong, there is just music

These are The Takes:

  • Take 0: the two pieces of DNA.
  • Take 1: is the original composition. A bit much going on in the music for the timespan. Restless with a drive.
  • Take 2: re-considers silences, brakes, pauses, stretches in phrases, repetitions. There is more time and space in the music.
  • Take 3: adds restful long chords, peace, quiet and more aggressive contrasts.

Voor Welmoet Take 3

Voor Welmoet, Take 3, adding peace, rests and silences, digital representation, trombone-choir.

Voor Welmoet Take 2

Voor Welmoet, Take 2, stretching time, digital representation, trombone-choir.

Voor Welmoet Take 1

Voor Welmoet,Take 1, original composition, digital representation, trombone-choir.

Voor Welmoet Take 0: DNA

Voor Welmoet, Take 0, DNA 1 and DNA 2