Compositions have a life of their own

When a composition is finished and people start playing and share the piece, it starts having a live of its own. Music will always sound different when played by other musicians and conductors.

The composition will be played at different locations, with different set-ups, and sound different. The audience will respond differently, so the musicians will adapt their playing during the concert and the music will sound different at the last moment. People will try to play the piece with different instruments, with more low brass of accordeon instead of flutes. The conductor will try a crescendo to help his orchestra speed up to a new tempo.

This is why a composition has a life of its own.

Thomas Trachsel and I discussed this and felt that giving the world a piece of music is as “sending your child into the world, you can only hope and pray you raised it well and you can only wait and see what happens.” It’s beautiful to hear your piece being alive and doing well and hear how it grows in the hands of musicians and conductors.

As a composer it is also interesting to see what people come up with and do with your music. Hearing your music in a totally different way opens your mind to ideas for new compositions. When the music is authentic, people will enjoy playing it, feeling it and give it a new life with a new face and a brand new sound every time. And I hear my composition through their ears, their minds and will learn and be inspired to write better music.

By Anneloes Wolters


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