Seymour Bernstein

From his book With my own two hands

Rhythms govern the universe. It’s awe-inspiring to gaze into the heavens and contemplate the speed and predictable course of each planet.

The rhythmic change of the seasons.

Rhythm refers to any regulated movement containing strong and weak pulses. As, for example the ebb and flow of tides.

Barbara Mettler, a dance specialist said to me:

Rhythm is the wavelike nature of the impulse, the alternation of activity and rest, which causes one movement to grow out of another, creating continuity and flow.

Pulse is specifically associated with your hearbeat. In it’s strictest sense, it refers to a recurrent, vital movement and direction in musical performance.

Tempo is the organization of rhythm and pulse at a specific rate of speed. Composers often use the metronome to indicate their own conception of a tempo.

Set the metronome as prescribed and adjust your own body rhythm and pulse to it.

The Beauty is that being a composer, you can turn the instruction around and work from your own personal Pulse and set the metronome according to your own Heart-Bead

By Anneloes Wolters