Viola and kindness

. . . . . . . . Courage

It takes courage to look back and be kind to everything you created. 

Being accepting and kind to all the Music that came to you,

is much more provoking 

than ‘critiquing’ it.

. . . . . . . . . Kindness

I never thought about Kindness in Music consciously.

Maybe the viola is the instrument of friendship, more than anything.

Maybe Honest Kindness in Music sounds like friendship?


To play the viola well you have to be Really Kind? 

Go and sit in a viola section for while, you’ll know what I mean.

A Viola is a small double bass, not a large violin.

These people are the oil in the machine.

………… Listening & Friendship

I wish Beethoven had a really kind friend,

who completely understood him,

sat with him in Silence. 

Maybe a kind Viola player

would have listened to his Silence best? 

Being understood in kindness, accepted in kindness.

Bathe in the sound of a viola?


Being angry frustrated misunderstood, lonely.

Not being kind, nor being surrounded by kindness.

Bathe in a flat thick  disharmonious silence?

For me, personally, that is what the Silence preceding Beethovens 5th sounds like. 

This suffocating thick misty silence, that precedes this outburst of deeply frustrated expression. 

This feeling that nobody ever really listened to what you had to say and

you had no choice but to design this explosion to make them listen. 

But, a life without kindness. 

A life without Viola’s. 

There is no Warmth in that.

It would be a life without friendship. 

A valuable Contrast: Viola and Beethoven. 

At least, for me. 

By Anneloes Wolters