Sergeant Stubby

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Instruments: Wind Orchestra and/or Brass Band.

Occasion: Written for Wind Orchestra “Rotterdam aan Zee” and Brass Band “Tendring Brass Band” for their joined music holiday in Britain. The composition premiered with both orchestras in England the 2nd of June 2019 during their “Bands across the Sea’ – concert. Sergeant Stubby can be played by Wind Orchestra, by Brass Band and both Wind Orchestra and Brass-band together.

Story: Meet up with Sergeant Stubby, Washington, DC. Stubby is a 9-year-old veteran of the canine species. He has been through the World War I as mascot for the 102nd Infantry, 26th Division. Stubby visited the White House to call on President Coolidge, November 1924.


June 2019 Sergeant Stubby, played by ‘Tendring Brass Band’ and Wind Orchestra ‘Rotterdam aan Zee’ at their joined concert ‘Bands across the Sea 2019’.


May 2019 Sergeant Stubby, conducting P. Habraken, played by “Rotterdam aan Zee”

July 2019 Sergeant Stubby, conducting J. Lorenz, sight-reading session “Wind-richting 19”

Downloads (PDF): 

Sergeant Stubby: All Scores and Parts

Free downloads by courtesy of Wind Orchestra “Rotterdam aan Zee”