The Shepherd-boy


“Das Hirtenbüblein” by the Grimm Brothers

February 2020 This composition was requested by Triomotion, a trio that comprises mallet-percussionists and a flute player for their chamber-concert in the Opern-foyer of the Staatstheater in Kassel. November 2020 it was arranged for Wind Quintet “Pentason” for their online Christmas event.

The composition is based on a fairy-tale by the Grimm-brothers. Read more about the story and inspiration.

Media: Sandartist I. Boie designed a performance with the music. The video is available and the artist himself can be invited to complement the music on stage. 


  1. Flute(s), mallet-instruments and percussion.
  2. Wind Quintet.
  3. Wind Quintet and narrator (German)
  4. Wind Quintet and narrator (Dutch)

Instruments 1: Flutes (one player: piccolo, flute, alt-flute), Marimba, Vibraphone, Cymbal, Triangle, Claves.

Das Hirtenbüblein”. Premiere: Kassel, Staatstheater by TrioMotion, 24-02-2020

Instruments 2: Flute, Oboe, Horn, Clarinet, Bassoon. 

Pentason Woodwind Quintet: Constanze Betzl (Flöte), Judith Gerdes (Oboe), Britta Jones, ( Klarinette ), Jörg Partzsch , (Fagott), Endre Todt (Horn). Musikalische Abendandacht, 14 – 11- 2020


Instruments 3: Wind Quintet and narrator (German)


Instruments 4: Wind Quintet and narrator (Dutch)