The Miraculous Journey

To travel my Musical Universe, the Universe of Miracles, you need both the Book & the Map of Miracles:

The Book of Miracles explains how I SEE Music and why I do what I do. There you find more thoughts on the IDEA that a musical score is a route drawn on a map, showing a path through a Musical Universe.

In the book you find more on why I write Music and my thoughts on being a composer.

The Book is the more theoretical, philosophical part.

The Map of Miracles describes what I write: What is there to SEE in this Universe of Miracles? How is it all connected? The map inspires me and structures my imagination.

The map helps me to determine what I am going to write: where will I travel through my Musical Universe, that Universe of Miracles?

The Map is the explorative, creative part.

The Travel-log describes the experiences of travelers. Me, the composer, comfortably sits in her favorite thinking chair. While Catsy and Owly travel my undiscovered Musical Universe. Nothing is real in my Miraculous Musical Universe, and yet it is. All about uncovered new routes, locations and characters, you can read about in their Travel-log.

The Travel-log is the result of explorations and adds all kinds of discoveries to the Map of Miracles.

To Never Again #Beads This is the Music found while traveling, reading, exploring, planning new adventures. The Beads connect and explore the Music within my Musical Universe.

The Beads are musical sketches, exploring new routes, locations and characters on the Map of Miracles, using the Book of Miracles to compose, listening to stories in the travel-log. I see those little pieces as Beads for making a musical necklace.

In general this is how my composing process works:

While trying to uncover the meaning of e.g. intoned, I read the Book of Miracles, plan a journey for Catsy & Owly, pointing out their newest adventure on the Map of Miracles. Then I listen to the Musical Beads they collect, while reading their Travel-log.

They will in complete freedom explore and inspire me with new landscapes, characters, emotions, locations, wisdom, thoughts.. And enything they pick up from the ground, tree, road, house, animale … can turn out to be a #Bead and sound like Music.




Catsy and Owly