Travel-log of Catsy and Owly on a wild black horse.

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Current #Journey: 3 matches and a Torch

Projects requirements/practical: “Torch” product-page.

Goal of this #Journey: Three matches and one Torch of Creativity. Light the stove in the House of empty chairs at the Eternal Christmas Market. Start preparing Christmas Dinner.

The Story: To light stove in the house of the empty chair in the eternal Christmas market we need the burning torch made out of wood of the Tree of Good and Evil. You can only light that Torch of Creativity with the three different matches of the three Prophets. But Remember, like in real life: one is wet, one burns too short and the one that works burns your paws.

Boxes of matches are collected by three prophets who travelled to the edge of the planet. Where the black river, drips into the giant lake. Where winds and storms ravish. Once back from their journey, they sat down at the bench near the cemetery. Waiting for the dust to settle. But the black ashes of the sculptor sets clouds of dust over them and he never stops working. They will wait for eternity, sitting at a bench between the sculptors workshop and the cemetery. Until the last face of the last character is sculptured. Until the sculptor sculpts his own face on the statue. But, probably the dust never settles. You have to go and visit them or the Edge to get any matches.

Catsy and Owly have to get the matches, the Torch and bring that to the Eternal Christmas market. Where they have 3 matches to light the fire. The Christmas wolf is living there, fire is the only thing to befriend it. You have to light the torch, before you encounter the wolf.

New Chapters For The Book of Miracles:

What else to uncover during this Journey? What to write for The Book? Philosophical and friendly Dialogues of Owly and Catsy while wandering and wondering. Topics for this #Journey:


Travel Blog about creativity.

Do what compels most

In this world you best do what compels you the most. Normal logical rational routes, travels, etc. don’t give the best results, most of the time.


In this world there are no mistakes, only miss-takes. And a lot of takes afterwards to get it ‘right’. But there is no right or wrong also, the tree of good and evil has been cut down, though that had not the effects everybody hoped for….

There is only what you intended to create, to wonder, to travel, explore, uncover.


Perfection is only possible when you have a perfect target. with the proper preparation and training, you could re-create the natural perfection around you, and enjoy the journey in it’s most deep sense. All the other tries do get you there and not. There is only one way to be exactly right in this universe. And that is why you better believe a mathematician than a bookkeeper. But know that the bookkeeper knows all about the Universes not described here.

The best way to practice for perfection is to learn a musical instrument. The best instrument is an underwater instrument. But there is always a different option to extend your life and make you take more takes for perfection and get on that journey of the perfeact target. Practice makes life, makes you. you become what you ood. A goldfish flying becomes a yellow bird, maybe even a phoenix when it takes on many takes of burned by firebutterflies and recontruct from ashes. it’s a long take, but after a few eons, you get it right.


Integrity is key on this planet, everything is connected. A work of art is a cobweb of ideas and where-ever you put your finder on a web, it resonates everywhere else.

Point to the moon

There are a lot devices that point to the moon, but don’t look at those, how would they know where to point? The moon is herrings, played by dolphins. But looking at the finder pointing to herrings, doesn’t make you seen the moon. The devices to make you see the moon are unbelievably inventive and complex and broken at the same time. With the naked eye, you see the moon better.

Wandering and wondering Travel Dialogues

This is how I SEE it.

Who am I? I’m a cat, I’m the Guide, traveling a Universe of Miracles, with my best friend, an owl. I know where we are going, I prepared the Journey we are taking. I can point out where to look to get the best view. I’m like a conductor of an infinite orchestra, but in an imaginary landscape.

I try to guide people back to the original perfection of this world, the untouched moments of Beauty. The Universal ‘awe’, by my personal take on this journey.

I collect seeds, beads, paint and strings.

But some-times we go places we’ve never been before: the anywhere. Sometimes we wondered and wandered, sometimes we have to fill a blank. That’s where Owly get’s really excited. I feel a little lost at the blanc spots.

Owly is a smart, scientifically raised bird, with big green eyes. He sits quietly and Sees and Listens. Owly is a deep thinker. He’s the Cartographer of this Universe of Miracles.

He collects maps, paths, routes, locations, characters.

Owly knows what to do with the blanks: what to write and what not to write on the map. On the list of locations, routes and characters. He keeps a list of all the things we imagined, saw, experienced, but decided not the write. These make the negative map, an overview of all the maps we decided not to write. But the fact that we thought about them, still makes is part of ‘anywhere’. you can feel in the map of anywhere we we went, described, the nowhere, where we didn’t go. The negative of a map, is also a map. It’s the map of the oeuvre a composer decided not to write. This list is infinite. We send that to the bookkeeper, to keep him busy with needless files and calculations. An impossible task he enjoys.

I enjoy riding our Black horse, it’s a wild horse. Sometimes it is unpredictable and changes direction without any warning.


Where we go? What to look for? Honestly? I don’t know. I’m simply a cat, wandering the paths of a Miraculous Musical Universe. My whiskers are like strings on a violin, notes fall of of them. Sometimes leaving a trail of notes through the landscape, sometimes on the map we use to navigate: The map of Miracles.

Nobody can hear us, we travel Silently, even the atmospherical dog with the magical ears can’t hear us. Only my opal eyes glisten in dark nights.

Again and again, the same 12 notes fall from my whiskers, but in a different way, and the same music sounds, but differently. It’s the music of my whiskers all the same, it’s only the different point in time that makes it sounds differently. I think that makes me a composer of Music. Well, that is what they call cats like me these days. I don’t agree, I don’t do anything. I’m just me, being me. Trusting that the Music will come to me. That the notes will fall of my whiskers.

Owly catches notes with a more structured approach, adding forms, mathematics and energy-curves.

We are a duet of sentiment and science, Owly and me.

He wonders, I wander.

Owly wants to know where the beauty of music comes from. What makes REAL music? Sometimes I think that Owly knows that and knows why we are here. But it turns out that science can’t explain everything, let alone us traveling here with the Book of Miracles in our paws.

We open it, we read it, we look smart, we don’t understand an it. We close it again.

Maybe tomorrow…

We happen to like travelling this Universe of Miracles, listening to our Music. But rest assured that we all have a Universe of Music; you do too. All our Universes together are a Musical Galaxy. We all sound through this Milky-way of Miracles, vibrating together. Together we make Music a Trans-Universal Magical language. Something we all share, understand, breathe and whisper.

The only thing Music needs to stay alive is us sharing it.

That is how I SEE it.

Please, tell me that you are in a completely different Universe. Where the eternal forces, the Fountain of Life, TIME, everything is different from where I stand. Tell me that your Music sounds in totally different dimensions, maybe in a different galaxy!?

I do hope so! Because that’s the only way to propel Music into a more dynamic, more brilliant version of itself.

I can only describe my own Musical Universe. I named it the Universe of Miracles because in my world TIME is an illusion: “The Book of Firsts” is the “Book of Lasts”.

This is one way to explain The Book of Miracles. I try to understand that book every second of the day, so does Owly.

To show you how I live, I sketched a travel-log to help explain the Map of Miracles. You find the music that fell of my whiskers on the page with the #Beads.

Let me share my Universe of Miracles with you.

This is how I SEE it.

Every Route we take, the music changes us, you have to listen . Really, Listen. A composer is the best listener of all, you would think a composer is sending, but no, only listening and writing that down in the best way possible.

In our world, the music changes the composer while writing, so even when there is a return to home after an adventure, The music will be changed forever. Because we changed, because hte composer changed.

The cat and bird together are the composer of this world: There is wondering, wandering, contemplating. but also the practical side: cartography, routing, drawing, planning around the Time-storms (needs a different word) . They change after each adventure, the composer alos and hence the music. During the trip and along to the next NEw beginning. you can’t predict how a journey will effect you, but when you really listen to the voyage, you’ll be changed.

This is an important part, because it must be clear that the cartographer and guide will change. Is the composer also the conductor? Yes, and the teacher and the musician…..instrumentmaker also.

The eternal forces

Owly often wonders: “Maybe, there are more Giants? Maybe, one day, a Giant will fall and not catch our planet. Will TIME then will go on for-ever? Will the winds fall? Will the Planet fall? What’s on the other side? Will that get crushed? “

Owly thinks too much. It makes him insecure about everything

We will never be sure, whether the planet will always be thrown again and again. I think that Giants are such brainless creatures, that they will go on for eternity, not noticing time going by, because their Sun never sets. Well, it did not until this day.

I sit in the sun and lick my paws, rub the back of my ears a little. I try to read the notes on the dark sides of my eye-lids. It’s hard. I get tired.

Maybe TIME behaves differently in their Universe, who knows? Maybe they live in a different musical galaxy. Some day, science will explain it all better.