The Map of Miracles

How to travel my Miraculous Musical Universe

To travel my Musical Universe, you need:

(Note to me:

I have to add 1 bear, 3 little owls, a hommel/bee/wasp, 1 snow owl and a paper sailing ship that ships ‘silence’.)


This is how I SEE it.

The Map of Miracles will be delivered by the Prince Juan Tapas.

The Planet of Miracles

The Planet is a huge spinning millstone, thrown by Giants. They stand on the border of a lake and ricochet the stone to each other. Each time the stone hits the water, they read the waves. This is how they communicate.

It’s all WAVES, you can’t defy nature.


From the eye in the center of the planet towards the Edge, ripples and furrows form grasslands, hills and mountains. The more outwards you go, the mountains becomes higher and the hills steeper. Between the furrows you can hide from the winds and currents.


Because the planet of Miracles is a fast spinning millstone, the more near the edge you travel, the stronger the centripetal forces. Upwards running rivers, vertical lakes and fish thrown into the atmosphere are normal phenomenon.

A Giant

The giants can’t move, because their feet are grown together by the heals and caught in the giant cobweb. This 4D Cobweb is spun by the ideas and thoughts of the composer. There are a lot of cobwebs in the Galaxy of Miracles, but in each Universe, there is only one.

The cobweb spreads like fungi. It connects and composts everything. In due Time, even the giants will parish. But you need cobwebs, like fungi, to make sure that Endings turn into Beginnings.

There is Music in everything, even compost, but especially cobwebs.

Cobwebs, Strings and Forms.

The direction of our spinning planet changes, each time the millstone changes hands and is ricocheted again. In that moment, with Time, everything changes direction according to it’s own Pulse: currents, storms, winds, stars, constellations. It’s a chaotic creative storm, until everything turns quiet and has organized itself.

This reoccurring change in direction makes Time is elastic, reversible, non-chronological. Depending on the spin of the planet, Time can be simultaneously, completely non-chronological or chronological.


The Planet of Miracles is a millstone with ripples and furrows. The 7*7 Ripples & Furrows (RF No.) are the practical directions (P.D.). We use Practical Dimensions to cartograph and navigate the Map of Miracles.

But to travel the Planet of Miracles you also need Guidance. That’s why we gave our 7*7 Dimensions a practical direction as well as a Dimensional Meaning. The meaning of Dimensions connect the Map of Miracles with the Book of Miracles. The Book helps you understand the why of your Journey, contemplate and refresh.

These are the Meanings of the Dimensions:

  • 7*0 Dimension: The seed from which it all starts.
  • 1st Dimension: A Route on the Map of Miracles (1D). Guide Catsy know the best routes.
  • 2nd Dimension: The Map of Miracles itself (2D). Carthograph Owly knows the best Map.
  • 3rd Dimension: Space (3D). Sound creates Space. Space holds Silences, but mostly connects Souls.
  • 4th Dimension: Time (4D). With Time, we can travel in Space (3D), taking any route (1D) on the Map of Miracles (2D) searching for any seed (0D).
  • 5th Dimension: Imagination of ‘anywhere‘ (5D). You can’t travel from “here to there to anywhere”, when you can’t SEE it first.
  • 6th Dimension: is Soul (6D). Every Journey to everywhere is an Honest Struggle that changes the Soul. Have you travelled in the 6th Dimension, you will Sound differently again and again.
  • 7*1 Dimension: Faith (7D). Faith is solidified Hope. The key to persistence, perseverance. The trust that you will find your way home again against all odds, stems from this Dimension. After travelling in 7th Dimension you can resist Darkness hitting you, you know you can do it by yourself.
  • 7*2th Dimension: Pulse. The heartbeat that is life.
  • 7*3th Dimension: Harmony. There is no Harmony coming from a troubled Soul or souls not listening to each other. Disharmony isn’t just chords.. it can be everything.
  • 7*5th Dimension: Will be uncovered. This Dimension experiments, uncovers, finds out the hard way. It’s a systematic scientific Dimension of internal logic, that provides Knowledge about what to write. Timeless Negatives of Music resonate in this Dimension.
  • 7*7th Dimension: Integrity. The Oeuvre is a 4D Cobweb of Ideas and thoughts. When you touch it here, it resonates everywhere. Everything is connected, all Dimensions are connected. The Integrity of a Work of Art is guaranteed by Everlasting Vulnerable Honesty.

(Read more about the Dimensions in the Book of Miracles. )

The climate circle zones

The Planet of Miracles has 11 concentric geographic zones. These circle zones are perpendicular to the ripples, all the way to the Edge of the planet.

Concentric circles

Traveling from the eye to the edge, you’ll find:

  1. The Fountain of Life
  2. Deep Sea
  3. Under-water-grasslands
  4. Beaches, dunes, wetlands
  5. Above-water-grasslands
  6. Down-hills
  7. Up-hills
  8. Mountains
  9. Stormy Peaks
  10. The Edge
  11. The Atmosphere

How to navigate?

  • P.D.: Practical Direction
  • Concentric Geographic Zone
  • Clock: Time
  • D.M. Dimensions’ Meaning

To navigate the Planet of Miracles, you need to know the concentric geographic circle no. and the perpendicular Ripple & Furrow Number Number (RF No.) The RF No.’s form the 7*7 Practical Dimensions: the 49 quarters off the compass.

Every Location also has an Emotional Dimension, the E.D. that correspond with the Dimensions’Meaning.

You need a special Compass that Guides you through the points where the practical and meaning of a Dimension cross a geographic zone. The Deep Sea is difficult to navigate without a compass: Stars float, Time changes.

To help navigating, special clocks are needed. These metro-gnomes are clocks, made by the Clockmaker with the help of the black shamanistic sheep Woldo Donkermolf.

A Compass, used to travel the Planet of Miracles.

Circle Zone 0. The eye

C.Z. 0 / Ripple No. All

  • P.D.: Practical Direction
  • Concentric Geographic Zone
  • Clock: Time
  • D.M. Dimensions’ Meaning

You need to travel at least in the 7*1rst Dimension To come back home again from this location.

architecture clean dark fountain
The eye

The pupil within the eye of the millstone. The hole itself is black, Darkness awaits, when no water is spraying. A bottomless well. All quarters, ripples, come together here in the eye of the planet.

Circle Zone 1. Fountain of life

C.Z. 1 / Ripple No. All

Location: The Fountain of Life

The millstone formed planet has an eye in the middle, that joyfully sprays water each time it hits the water of the giant lake. This is the Fountain of Life. With sweet water fountains, new life enters the planet.

iceland dawn landscape sky
The Fountain of Life
The Fountain of Life (Midi)

The Fountain of Life lies in the middle of a circle shaped island: Fountain Island. The Fountain is where all life starts and all Dimensions come together. From this point you can SEE it all first. (The 5th Dimension) Since the Tree of Good and Evil has been cut down, both Good and Evil enter the planet through the Fountain of Life.

The Institute for Curiosity

On Fountain Island, you find the Ever Changing Institute for Curiosity: The source of all Creativity The institute promotes childlike curiosity; the most important thing for creativity. This challenges the Seriousness of all institutes, because curiosity questions everything. If you want to excell in associative thinking, it’s good to be in contact with a lot of different people from all kinds of fields. That’s why you have to be friends with Busoni’s child that floats on air. She will take you from here to there to everywhere.

The institute for Curiosity a connection of creative minds and ideas of all times and places. A process of communication between art-works, people, ideas, books and performances. It enhances associative and dissociative thinking. But most importantly, it asks again and again: Why? How? What? Why have an institute? How to organize it? What should it consist of?

An institute for curiosity should:

  • change all the time: size, dimensions, values, colors, sounds…
  • limit until the absurd, then invite chaos.
  • create problems.
  • provide problem-inventors.
  • never facilitate easy ways. 
  • help asking Why? from the beginning.
  • offer a search for unthinkable questions. 
  • explain why they better ask Why? instead of How? and What?

C.Z. 2. Deep Sea

Ripple No. xx:

Location: Source of the Black River (near the coastline of the black dunes and beaches)

Giant Th.Ink Squid color the black river. They entered the planet directly after the Tree of Good and Evil was cut down. The first Time Darkness hit the Planet of Miracles.

Th-Ink Squid Tentacle #Strings are of extreme powerful violent quality. It gives Musical Forms it’s elasticity.


green and white abstract painting
Giant Th.Ink Squid
The song of the Th.Ink Squid.

The songs of Woldo Donkermolf, Sea turtle Teans’ Tears of Basalt and Th.Ink squid are connected over Time by the 7*1rst Dimension.

Ripple NO.x:

Location: Tears of Basalt

Tess the sea serpent: Sister of the dragon. Together they were the under and abovewater sound-coloring creatures. But now the underwater sound perished.

Above the monument of Tess the Sea Serpent, Heaven cries heavy Tears of Basalt. Woldo Donkermolf sees them fall at night and sings with them.


Tess the Sea Serpent Ghost: Has a natural Kelp monument. With Kelp that makes the longest strings on this planet. Kelp is the under water cobweb.

Teun the Sea turtle: Advised Tess to swim with Netelkwallen. Guilt and sadness. Protected by plants: Kelp. Delivers kelp to the Stringmaker / Luthier.

Kelp #Strings are of deep emotional quality. It gives Musical Forms the ability to grow, expand and retract over long periods of time.

Tears of Basalt #Beads are the black pearl when polished.

Captains and their Ships:

Location: Sailing the Sea.


Juan Tapas: Juan is a dark brown stallion with a green and a blue eye. He is protected by vultures. After battle he ends with a wooden leg, made of the wood of the tree of life, driftwood from Spatsies ship. Which means he has to walk, to prevent his leg from growing roots.

Juan Tapas Logo
Troubadour song Juan Tapas

Juans’ Ship “Courage” is made of the wood of the tree of good and evil. It behaves unpredictable: When a Good Prince becomes an evil one, these ships sink. Juan has only a raft left. Which indicate that there is still some Kindness in his heart left.

Juan Tapas on his Raft with his Parrot

Piet Hein: A grey horse with Black and White freckles.

His ship “Pride” is made from the tree of good and evil. This is an evil turned ship, but didn’t sink because it has fire-butterfly matches to keep it dry and afloat with burning Torches of driftwood.

As long as Piet stays evil, the Torches will burn to ashes. Attacking Ships is mandatory for survival of Piet Hein. Even the raft of Juan is of value to Piet Hein.

Only in the 7*1rst Dimension Torches Light Fire for Eternity. But Piet can’t travel in that Dimension. Once there he runs into huge amounts of black swans.

Piet Hein is magically protected by the whale in the atmosphere. The whale is his constellation, as long as he has burning Torches on his ship. this creature follows him.

Ships sailing the Deep Sea

Spatsie Ruigrock: Female, strong, unafraid brown bear, white ice-bear spots on the cheeks and 1 brown and 1 blue eye.

Her ship is made from fallen wood of the tree of Life, standing at the eternal Christmas market. She has to provide the ship a natural environment, she lights with fireflies.

She has matches of fireflies around, that light makes the ship grow and blossom and bare fruits at night.

The fresh water sea makes the ship wants to grow roots, like waterlilies in ponds. This ship has to keep moving or it will become an island.

Protected by salmons, that help with bottle-mail from the sea to the ports upwards to cities. Because she can’t ship to a port and stay there, she needs this kind of communication.

Ripple No.x.:

Location: Volcano Island

There is one Island in the ocean with enormous sand beaches. Sand is the pitfall on the beach. Sandpits are filled with loneliness and artists’ vulnerability. A lot of driftwood of the tree of good and evil ended up on the Island.

brown sand

The marble pitfall, vanity, is an endless cave under the volcano.


In the Volcano lives a dragon who is a painter. The dragon collects driftwood to make canvasses for his paintings. He keeps them wet with wet matches and lights his studio with natural, bleak, fireflies. In this Light, he sees the princesses and paints their perfect, thought through, portraits.

On the volcano Island lives a Dragon and a princess.

Dragon is made of colored Sound-clouds, above water sound in all sorts of colors. Dragons’ skin is made of the thickest sound-clouds possible. He battles with deafening blasts of suffocating smoke.

Dragon is an overly thinking character that likes to write with Owly. Letters are kept safe in bottles, transported by Spatsies’ salmons.

His sister Tess the sea serpent was an underwater dragon, made of water-colored sound-cloud . He lost his sister, but can’t go to her monument because he won’t sound in water.

To cover up for his bad breath, Dragon burns a lot of Lavender oil, originating from the black dunes. He exchanges paintings for perfume with Pico Ambrosius.

top view of volcano erupting during daytime
Smoke, bad breath by Dragon.

The Dragon is a bit deaf and speaking is a bit of a problem because of his breath. So he paints perfect portraits of his visitors. That’s why they go there, to get the perfect painting to match their vanity. their self-image.

Dragon also painted a dark rumbling portrait of Piet Hein, with his breath.

This Dragon paints princesses in exchange for lavender oil from the lakes in the Black Dunes.

Perfectionist painters loose their ability to paint after seeing his perfection on canvas. Painters leave with Fear for the white canvas and paralyzed hands. Only Creativity , this child that floats on air living in the rose-garden of the air-castle, can safe those souls.

Princesses: Light grey colored horses, soft haired horse with blushed cheeks and golden hoofs.

They have with long strong necks full of traditional, historical, heavy Necklaces. They are experts in all dogmatic theories that summarize what we have liked until now: musical forms, harmonies, notations, etc.

music notes

They sing and play:

  • CanAria
  • Canned Aria
  • Can’t Aria
  • Stare-Yeah
  • No Letter Opera
  • A Necklace Opera
  • The UnSingsong UnSinged.
  • The Tailored Suite
  • Mama!!-drigal
  • Can’t-zone
  • Richer-scar
  • Ron-do-not
  • A Messy
  • Can’teate
  • Sun-ate
  • Concer-too-gross
  • So-over-him-ture
  • Fu*%a
  • Huge-fan-of-tasia
  • Touch-kata prelude
  • Pass-on-acacia
  • Nymfonie
  • Tons-of-eight
  • Serendipi-date
  • Divert-his-sentimento
  • Not-to-turn-on-no
  • Cassatation
  • Opera buffet
  • Opera come here!
  • Pollo-mayonaise
  • Mass-zurka
  • Scherzombie
  • Not-to-turn-no
  • Improper-tu
  • Balls-salad
  • Etitude
  • Walzing-all-over-you
  • Grand-ma opera
  • Verifyisme
  • Notet
  • Conductape
  • Chance for sons
  • Round-up-jealous

The marble pitfall is an endless marble echoing hall. Lies are told here, by charming princesses. Pleasantries, Gossip, talking rubbish, noise of fighting voices of ruthless narcistic princesses.

brown rock formation

Vanity is the marble pitfall of Empty Silence of these narcissist princesses that are filled with the negative of Screaming agony by hurt hearts.

The marble pitfall: Gossiping princesses

Princesses are protected by Parrots: For every female visiting the Marble Vanity pitfall, there is a parrot for comfort. Only princesses love the colored birds repetitions.

The song of the parrot is a Rondo, after each episode, there is an exact repetition of a phrase. Again and again..and..

These characters don’t change by anything happening. It’s all Musical lines without personal growth. It’s real repetition, which normally doesn’t exist. Normally TIME influences any repetition for any character. But not for parrots, nor princesses. In the cave of vanity, time stands still.

After defeating a prince, they laughingly send their parrot with him, to annoy him for eternity with repetition. And though repetition can never be the same in Real Life, parrots can make it happen: perfect re-hearing of everything happened. Over and over again…

The volcanic Island with Juan with parrot and vulture.

Location: The world of Sand:

Beaches, Dunes. Loneliness and Vulnerability. Life can crumble in your hand, leaving you with sand in the wind.

seashore during nighttime
Beach at night.

Total Darkness you can find in the Black Mountains, but also here at night. All light s are smothered by the think smoke clouds. This Darkness is easier to escape from the Darkness of the Black Cemetery.

C.Z. 3. Under-water-grasslands

water summer garden grass
Kelp grasslands

Ripple No.: xx


  • Under-water gardener Water-fox: Sings a lullaby for it’s kittens.
  • Fire Butterflies: natural habitat is flying above these grasslands feeding of wet lilies.


Underwater gardens with Orangery. Underwater trees that blossom and have fruits at the same time. Most trees do that here, because there is no season.

yellow seaweed in the sea

Kelp stringmaker. Sea Turle Teun suplies him with the kelp. Teun circles the sea within one year.

Percussion instrumentmaker: Driftwood instruments. Represent fear, storm, Driftwood instruments sound emotional. Has underwater torches made of fluorescent fish. bound together.

C.Z. 4. Beaches, dunes, wetlands

Ripple No.x.: White Beach with Summersparkles

sea horizon

Ripple No.x: Endless Dunes wasteland

Location: Village

  • Fortress of white Marble: The Concert-halls of Fame and Vanity is called Thaleia. Here famous portraits of princesses are shown to princess.
  • The two pitfalls in this land: Marble and Clay. The fortress is made out of white marble and is lit by eternal torches made of the tree of good and evil. Lighted with fire-butterflies matches. The Torches Lights the pitfall Vanity with a golden glow.
The Juan Tapas Pita Fortress
The Concert Halls of Fame and Vanity: Thaleia

It’s hard to steal a lighted Vanity Torch, because the first hills are made of cobweb cloth, the hills will be set on fire when you pass them with a Vanity Torch. Vanity torches burn composers cobwebs. Even the roads and creeks become burning threads on their way down.

concrete wall
Golden Lighted Marble

Taking the Torch away will turn this castle into Darkness, because the Vanity will be exposed. nothing will be left of the grandeur when the torches don’t light it. It will just be ice cold, dark stones of marble that leave you to freeze. Ice statues created this way are send to the mountains, to decorate Bettwina’s ice garden of vertical lakes.

broken glass wallpaper
Cold Marble without the Fire of Creativity.


Royal Tapas Piri Family: The royal familiy is all horses. Juan Tapas Pita, Juanito Tapas, Juan Tapas and Juliana Pita (father and mother of Juan Tapas Pita). Protected by: Vultures.

Familiy Tree Juan Tapas Piri Piti

William the Silent: Adopted black horse. Is child of Silence. William is the non-speaking, diplomatic friend of Woldo Donkermolf.

Protected by: pigeons, mostly for communication over the mail. the mail. He plays the Sea-Horse-harp. The bed-rock boat is of his brother Juan.

Location: Port

The pier: A “good by, farewell, welcome home” place. Here the water is salted by happy and unhappy tears. This heavier water flows back into the sea to the Ripple where Tess’s Monument is. There salt tears collide with basalt tears.

Douane: This short, muscled, trimmed hair, brown Bear with curled whiskers and piercing black eyes, can get you a Passport to identify yourself with, while travelling.

Teddy ID for you and your travel Teddy
Teddy Travel Song

The Bookkeeper: Tries to keep track of all the Negative Music, the Music the composer thought of but decided not to write. Because remembering what did not happen is as important for the work of art as what did. Remembering what did not happen is the bookkeepers main task. It all sounds, also the music a composer thought of but decided not to use. What you thought of and forgot makes more of your brain than what you you actually wrote down in the end.

The bookkeeper is friends with the librarian who categorizes and keeps the books and Maps of Miracles.

Protected by: Moths.


The Horizon: The freedom of the line in the sky. There is only one dot to place at your horizon, and that is the fountain of Life. When it sprays water, there is a dome of rainbow in the middle of the ocean.

rainbow over rippling sea in nature
The Horizon, looking at rainbow dome of the fountain of Life.

Waves hitting Walls are studied at the foot of the clay pillars that lead up to the fortress. There is a creek at the top of the pillars, waterfalls, the sea hitting pillars of clay. Waves hit walls in all kinds of sizes and Dimensions.

silhouette of moutain
#Beads of fresh water

The pitfall of Clay: Brutal Honesty. Clay is a combination of Settled Dust and fresh water. It takes Brutal Honesty to SEE when dust has settled.

Clay is the best material for Musical #Beads. Marble looks good, but Grey Clay comes in all kinds of Forms. White dust coming from the white marble production for the fortress, black dust comes from the cemetery sculptor. Clay can be any shade of grey.

The Clay Rocks of Brutal Honesty

Location: Cave warehouse

gray cave near body of water
Woldo’s Cave


Woldo Donkermolf: Black Shamanistic sheep with thick curly hair and long hanging ears. Used to live above the tree of Good and Evil, but fell when it was cut to build a cabin for Bettwina near the vertical Lakes at the Ice Mountains.

Wood of the tree of Life is used to light the stove of the eternal Christmas market. Ever since, Woldo resents the Christmas market. If only he knew that he could climb back up with the help of the Tree of Life.

Woldo is protected by: Fire butterflies. Woldo visits Darkness protected by them, following the black dunes where he collects Lavender oil for the princesses.

orange and gray tunnel painting
Woldo’s wonderworld lit by fire-butterflies

His secret: He is in love with a white sheep who also fell onto the planet, but he doens’t know where. She works now at the Hotel. If he had only known about the House with the empty chiars.

Woldo understands Time: How the world changes when Time changes direction, how to walk back into your own food-steps. The tiny moment of a ‘start from scratch all over again’. How long Darkness lasts. That Music changes your perception of time. How Space and Time interact. How Air-castles are built.

Ripple No.x:

Location: White Dunes

clouds dry dune dunes

The Puzzled Houses: In two houses sit two donkeys that make jigsaw puzzles with empty pieces. They send each other parts through the snail-mail. When all the parts come together, an image emerges. It’s a memory game, depicting anywhere in the Musical Universe by any-one, then, now and some-day.

Ripple No.x:

Location: Black Dunes

The land of damage and brutal honesty. You don’t want to go there, but it’s present. Snails live here, with and without shaded houses, a black bull with a white nose, fields full of white crosses, like corn in the wind. The light is blue, like the paintings of Rothko, the sky is vibrant with intense aggressive colors.

There are no sunglasses.

Location: The StockHaus.

All the insanity, where creativity borders madness, it collected in this Stockwerk. It’s a metal constructed overly decorated opera Haus with luminescent paintings that tries to hide the ugly truths living there. the Haus is unpredictable, like real life.

The creatively insane, the scratched minds are being restless here. There is light, but only TL, tubes. What is dark and enters the Fountain of Life, is stocked here. Sometimes, in hindsight, some creatures are set free again.

This is the darkest place of this planet, not the graveyard. The graveyard is filled with grieve and remorse. But here, scratched minds remind us and themselves again and again of the unbearable, the disturbing truth nobody wants to hear must be told and written down. To never forget, the burden, to never forget. The desire is to ‘for a while, completely forget’.

Here visit the two mothers of Juan Tapas and the princes, once in a while. When life get’s too hard on them, when their children taken from them by society and were damaged. How they never got to see them again.

There lives a teacher, her legs, she can never stand again. This is not the environment to make a happy face and cheer her up. Though she stayed kind through all endurances, I don’t know she ever rested or remembered. This is the voice that needs to be heard, the one telling the story of Juan Tapas.

She, who endured loss, who lived through pain she could not talk about. She who lived a life with and around closed music-boxes. She would be the ideal perspective for the Juan Tapas opera. She would wonder why a young would have to endure all this because of what? Honor? risk it all and get what? Disease? Mental diseases. This soprano, alto, to make us understand the real story finally from a female perspective.

The horrors from a female perspective, not men projecting their horror or lust or cubistic minds even, on our female bodies. In this world you can claim to be a woman and do what you need to do, seriously. She will help you fight the demons of exclusion, sexism, degrading gazes.

(This is what nobody wants to hear, but always resonates)

Closed boxes, lot’s of closed boxes. Music-boxes with disturbing memories: electronical serial random sounding screeching music boxes.

Juan Tapas sometimes comes here, to share the ugliness of his fights. The shame and lost humanity.

The princess comes here, being the victim of being locked up with a dragon to protect what?

The dragon likes it here, because he can’t burn the black sand. He’s the symbol of narcissism, the worst of all character triads. He knows how to play narcissistic characters and heve them come over and their portret taken.

black and white photo of sand dunes
Black dunes

Black sand dunes with purple ponds of Lavender-oil. Dangerous in the sense that you loose track of time taking this bath. With overwhelming perfumes of a relaxing kind, to provide some rest for the creatures living here.

white and red marble
Oil Magic Lavender never mixes

The tulips are rustling with a deep red sunsetting glow. A deep Contrast of Darkness and Color. Black is a color

red tulip field
Tulip-fields embedded in the Black Dunes.

Location: The House of the Right Questions

In the middle of the black dunes, surrounded by tulip-fields, lies a green garden with a little red cottage. Here lives guinea fowl Bettina. A young female chicken with a lot of questions. Bettina is the protection animal of Bettwina, who lives in the ice-cold mountains.

house surrounded with trees
The little red cottage, home of Bettina


Young Chicken Bettina: Over estimates all possibilities, invests in non existing futures and non practical ideas.

A lazy cat in the library in this house. Related to Pico Ambrosio, but completely black with short hair. Vanishes in the Dark Black Dunes. Except for it’s yellow eyes. Cats have no protection animals, they already have 7 lives.

Bettina is friends with Catsy and Owly. She collects the books they bring here from all over the planet, in languages unknown to most guests. But the lazy cat sleeps on them where ever you want to read or rest your eyes. Make friends and it will quote the books for you. It knows everything it slept on.

books on shelves
Find that One Right Question

A Good Journey starts here: Creativity starts with asking The Right Question.

Creativity means coming up with really good questions, it means questioning the status quo, one-self, searching for some truth in life.

When you ask the right object in the house, you get transported to the ice cold white Mountains to her great great grandmother Bettwina who lives in the Cabin of Good and Evil.

C.Z. 5. Above-water-grasslands

corn fields under white clouds with blue sky during daytime

Location: Grasslands near the coast.


Funny Waterfox Kittens run to and from the underwaterlands to the grasslands.

Ripple No.x

Location: The well of rose-water.

bubbles on pink liquid
Rose water well


Glass Frog: sits at the edge, meditating. Related to the Child that floats at the air castle.

Two sister snakes and their old cleaning lady, a toad, live at the bottom of this well. If there is any… They are relatives of the dragon and the sea serpent.

pink roses
Rosewater dripps in the well


A Unique Necklace: made of 3 Cobweb #Strings intertwined. A Form that changes over time. A living FORM.

The sisters produce perfumes for dry cleaning hair and fur. They sell to the perfumer: The white long haired cat Pico Ambrosius.

There is one rose, the last rose of summer, that isn’t in the rose-garden. It’s a frozen rose in the mountains, near the vertical frozen lakes.

famous deep well of quinta da regaleira
The Well of Rose-water

The cleaning lady collects threads at the bottom of the well, if there is any…from cobwebs, cobwebs that make The ideas and thoughts of a work of arts. these are the most in demand threads for necklaces. They are vivid, dynamic threads, made from changing thoughts and ideas.

But it’s hard to get both threads and perfumes out of the well of rose-water. Only the glass frog and it’s floating child can do that for you.

2. Location: The Aircastle

Walls made of Waves, as in the stormy mountains but controlled. (Sound vs. Music) This air-layer is below the Atmosphere.

A King lives there, who asks the shepherds boy sometimes. But since the shepherd-boy lost his flute and hears some-one else play it, the boy isn’t the same.

The ghost of the this castle is the Busony Child is a transparent frog that jumps and floats on air. It casts rainbows in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Over the rose garden this is pure magic.

wonderful pink clouds in sky at sunset
Air Castle above the rose garden

The Air-castle has a concert-hall made of a lung-like shape with a feathered wall. Musicians are floating, as are the Listeners. Most listeners prefer sitting in the Rose garden, to also See the Music. But Listening with closed eyes makes you feel floating with the Music.

close up photo of feathers
Feathered concert-hall-walls

Location: The Library in the Air-castle.

Character: The Librarian. The castles ghost, is Child that floats on air. It casts rainbows over books, rays of sun in the library. Open windows when the roses smell best. This Child Paints the Globe of Music in the Concerthall.


In this library, there is one Book of Miracles that is All books of Miracles.

photography of book page
Your and my Book of Miracles

This One Book is a Library of Books of Miracles


The Map of Miracles: Catsy draws Routes and Owly is Cartographer. After every Journey, the Map is completed a little further.

The Globes:

Showing the actual millstone this planet is and the giants positioning.

The Astronomers globe: Showing the fishy constellations, the Whale, herring Moon and more..

The Musical Globe in the Breathing, feathered Concert-hall: Showing the 7*7 dimensions of the Musical Universe.

Dimensions: See the Book

Location: The rose gardens, floating above the well of rose water.

The architecture of Music can best be seen in this Rose garden: Intertwined Necklaces of Cobweb overgrown with roses. Here you can SEE the Music.

All changes over time: Structures are made of Cobweb, that makes a Living Work of Art. There is a time depending interaction of bushes, forms and structures: Rotating, growing, shrinking, intertwining, overlapping, fattening, loosing weight, bushes grow and shrink, flourish and dry, flowers open and close to fit to the FORM,

shallow focus photography of pink flowers

In this Garden, you never feel lonely. Here the Silences are full of Whispers, warm whispers of scented sweet caramel voices. You feel being heard, You can Listen without getting hurt.

There is a way to describe these transformations over time, with lines, barred lines, pulses, rhythms, metronomes. But that is not what Music looks like. Once you have Seen the Music, there is Music in everything. Taking you from here to anywhere, now, then and someday. While you sit quietly in a rose-garden.

There is Music in everything and you can SEE anything in Music.

Location: Golden Pollen clouds:

Infinitesimal #Beads of golden pollen #Paint the Waves that are the Walls of the Rose-garden. These Walls color golden in the Sunset.


The Mathematician: the Simple Scientific Elegance of Form calculated. Forms of Space and Waves * Times = the Garden.

The Gardener: Knows the Art of Elastics: How to lay a groundwork of Integrity and pull according to his heart, taste and wonder. Without losing that Integrity, the 7*7th Dimension.

The Gardener needs Seeds. He’s an expert of the 0th Dimension. There is seeds of anything, plants, animals, stones, clouds, tears, walls, waves. All have unique seeds. Seeds and Starting all over from scratch are deeply connected.

Ripple No.x.

Location: Glasshouse of Prisms

The gardener is an expert on The unexpected Life of a Tree: Growing Trees of Magical Quality. For growing these trees, he needs rainbow light.

optical glass triangular prism
Rainbows of Prism Glasshouses


Sprout of the tree of good and evil.

Seeds of the tree of life.

Last Rose of Summer with the scent of a mothers’ whisper with a hint of hay.

Seeds for #Beads, providing the DNA .

Furrow No.x.

Location: Fruit Trees, Vegetable Gardens, Cornfields.

The endless gardens with fruits and vegetables, that lead one into the Sweet Valley of Marshmallow and Candy.

red apple fruit on tree branch
Endless fruit yards

Ripple No.x.

Location: Meadows Grasslands and fields where sheep and goats can be kept.

Shepherd girl: found a magic flute that fell out of the sky. She keeps an eye on the sheet, goats and cows. Cattle. (along with the two sheep, three dogs, a shepherd boy and a magic flute. The day the tree of good and evil was cut.)

The little cabin: The Institute for Creativity. What would it look like? Does it have a defined form or structure? Or is it made of gelatin?

light italian landscape nature

C.Z. 6. Downhills

Ripple No.x:

Location: Small Town

Market Place: once upon a Time merchants from the Port-village come to exchange goods with merchants from the grass-lands, gardens etc. Some-times more exotic creatures come to exchange their products:

  • Instrument-maker: Driftwood Instruments.
  • Sculptor: Ice Sculptures in Winter
  • Christmas Cook: Candy
  • Glass Frog: #Strings and Perfumes
  • Gardener: Fruits, Flowers and Seeds for #Beads
  • Shepherds: Milk, Cheese, Wool
  • Luthier: Driftwood Instruments
  • Locksmith: Key to open Music-boxes.
seeds in sacks
Many #Beads are found on the market.

1. KnuffelHotel

A hotel with with room for all kinds of creatures. There is a Lost and Found for creatures that got lost while traveling.

Teddy at the KnuffelHotel


  • Your Teddy is in your room, waiting to go with you on any Journey. Whatever happens, Teddy will LOVE you. Unlike the Guide, who knows where you can go, Teddy knows where you need to go. Take Teddy with you, when you feel you have no choice but to pursue this Journey. You can only take Teddy with you if you have the courage to show Vulnerability. Then the Ransacked Song Sparrow can help you.
  • Owner: Bruno Stuhrbaer: Bear Butler, extremely clean, with a shining golden brown fur and a bow tie.
    • Protected by: Zeewesp/kubuskwal. Not allowed near water.
    • His secret: He feels guilty that made his father very sick when he was recued from falling into the water the first time.
  • Night-nurse: Walna Savondoor: White Sheep. She is kind, warm and helps you get asleep with warm milk, cookies, stories and lullabies. Has torches of fire-flies for comfort. Lights up the lanterns in the streets at night, dusk, by putting a little honey at the torches.
    • Protected by: Harmless Fireflies
    • Her Secret: She is a heaven creature and in love with a black Sheep named Woldo. She doesn’t know where he fell on the planet when they tried to be together and colored the sky grey.
  • Guest: Mein Lieblingsmensch. “Such a coincidence to find you here!” The one person you would love to have taken along on this Journey, sits in the lobby of this hotel.
  • Lost and found:
    • Stolsky Winpels: Dog, extreme Vision. faster than lightening.
      • His secret: Was a shepherd dog in the sky, but Fell onto the planet trying to catch up with a black sheep that fell. Lost track of that sheep.
      • Protected by: Flees
    • Woekie Waffinga: Dog with extreme good hearing.
      • Her secret: Was a shepherd dog in the sky, but fell onto the planet trying to catch up with Walna, the white sheep that fell.
      • Protected by: Mosquitos.
    • Spot Fritzl: Dog, puppy. With extreme good smell.
      • His secret: fell out of the sky being naughty following the smell of the Sweet Mountains. Was saved by Charlotty and brought to the Lost and Found.
      • Protected by: Lice.

2. Paint-shop

Since there is Music in everything, anything can be SEEN in Music with the right #Paint. Painting Waves with Sound-colors helps us SEE the Music of that moment.


  • #Paints for sound-cloud-coloring:
    • Golden Pollen Clouds
    • Black River Water: Th.Ink.
    • Miracle Paint from the bright side of Tears.
    • Rose Water
    • White Marsh mellow mountain snow
    • Milled ruby-apple from the cemetery
    • Opaal
    • Ants
    • Etc.

3. Clockmaker / Watchmaker

Time is an illusion on this planet, it is elastic and it spins backwards once in a while. This makes a chronological non-elastic clock very valuable. By that clock you can tell precisely, how long time has gone on. So you can calculate the moment you are in.

Gertrud von Uhrtreid


Gertrud von Uhrtreide. Swiss rabbit with deep blue eyes. Loves swimming in the under-water-grasslands.

Gertrud makes clocks:

  • That signal that moments to start and finish a Journey. The only thing you can determine while travelling.
  • That Signal That Moment: “IDIC. There is only ONE moment to capture that one incredible set of variables.”
  • That predict a Time-storm. The moment the planet will start spinning in the other direction. This is really hard, because of the nature of the Giants.
  • To Navigate the Planet of Miracles: a ClockxkcolC. A precise clockwork and a mystic Timing: The Metro-gnome. Really annoying irritable little gnome for rhythms in the clock. Very repetitive and creatively unpredictable of nature. Times can be heard here.
  • Cuckoo Clocks showing not only birds, but also other magical animals.

Her secret: Collects and repairs Music boxes.

  • Music Box of Hope and Faith. The 7*3 dimension. This makes New Beginnings possible.
  • Music Box with eternal Teddy
  • A Giant Closed Music box without a key.

Protected by: worms

4. Perfume Shop.


Pico Ambrosius: Cat, male. White long hair Cat. Spoiled cat with green eyes and a ruby nose. Eats only caviar and has mice for friends. Hairdresser without scissors. Washes hair without water. Dry cleaning specialist.

Pico buys perfumes at the well with rose-water from the two sister and their cleaning lady. There his fur is cleaned and given a golden pollen glow. Pico is a dramaterian: a tenor who loves to sing dramatic opera aria’s.

Secret: He has a perfume that makes characters brutally honest. It’s in demand by artists who want to fake real.

Protected by: Butterflies


4. Dressmaker

This is the couture shop where you go to order the finest of clothes for your traveling or party. Everything is hand-made and designed on the spot.

abstract colorful background of night star
Miracle Textiles for your Couture


Tiziano Travesto: Mouse, couturier. Handsome, polished, extravagant, proud.

Secret: The LetterOpera: Letters that sound like an opera when read. Such as Love-letters, break-up letters etc.

Protected by: Honey Bees

Charles Vlodica: dressmaker, British, fearful, nervous. Perfectionist.

Protected by: Dark Grey Moths. They provide a mist in the night, to make Charles invisible.

Secret: Knows all UnSingsong: The never performed songs. That Music that composers had better not write, but did…That might still find find it’s place and become a Tailored Suite.

4. Park with Pond

countryside grass lake pond
Photo by Pixabay on
The Lily

6. Restaurant

In this restaurant they serve you all All kinds of the best fried food and even better, the phantasy creations of Charlotty. There is a flowery herb garden surrounding the building.


Charlotty MacRacol: Piglet, comes from the Sweet Moutains. Invents all kinds of comfort foods for the strange guests that arrive. She knows how to make a mess out of the kitchen. Most creative power in her field. Not afraid to go anywhere to get an ingredient.

Charlotty left her Sweet Homeland because she wanted to make foods ‘at will’. not by chance. Not the nature bound products of her land, but what was in her imagination.

Her Secret: She is obsessed by making Candy clouds in all kinds of colors and densities. She wants ot understand Music in this way.

Protect-animals: Black Ants

Berico Cosar: Berico studied Friturology, he is a frying expert: Fry-o-trist. Spanish This Pig knows how to fry. His cooking is often saved by Charlotty. Togehter they work well.

Secret: He loves Powder Firework with loud Cracks, making Black and White Contrasts. His love for black powder made him connect with the Christmas Market cook: wood-ashes from his stove in the “House of the empty chairs’ work best for black powder firework.

Protect-animals: whasps

5. Teddy Clinic



Gudrun Erdigburght, brown rabbit with yellow eyes. medical doctor, Teddy surgeon. Knows the Rhythm of a Teddy’s heart. Travels with Spatsie Ruigrock when needed.


Her secret: Has a garden with medical herbs. Extreme violent plants in her garden. She sometimes has to invite the Ransacked Song sparrow to calm the situation.

Protected by: Snails with a little house.

C.Z. 7. Uphills

Ripple No. x

Hills with Thick pine forests. Nordic Forest with Nordic light curtains. red ants. Pine trees. Due to the winds and cold storms, the trees here are shorter the higher on the hills you get.

Location: Observatory Stareia

Watching the sky at night. You sit and stare in the Universe, while listening to it’s Beauty.

blue and green sky and mountain
Curtains of Nordic Light


Hiska Thiadlind: Forest cat, female. Loves the wilderness, swimming and climbing. Sleeps under the starlit sky.

Here grows the herb, the smell of Thi.meless, rosin, pine. . Here you go to go back to the origin. To sit and reflect yourself in the mirrors of the lakes.

She collects Torches and wood for matches and torches of fallen branches of Trees with an unexpected Life.

Protected by: Murmeltiere: They live between the roots of Trees with unexpected Lives.

Protected by: Red Ants.

Ripple No.x.

Location: The hills of Charm.

The hills of Charm, buzzing light forests with bushes of forest fruits, berries, low apple trees, pears wild, The smell of summer forest and the mountains of Charm. Here you can hear the comfort of your caring parents. And smell Home.

Location: The well of melancholy

Who lost a parent or is homesick, goes here. But leaving they pass the Well of Salty Tears. The only well with saltwater made of Tears. Because every-one spends a little tear here, be it of joy or sadness, melancholy or regret. This well never freezes, this water never freezes. It’s needed to visit the frozen Mountains and the Stormy Peaks.

Ripple No.x.

Location: Sweet Hills of Marshmellows mountains.

Charlotty lived in the sweet hills, vertical lakes of ice-cream, layers of cake instead of clay, waterfalls of ginger ail, dripping cookies under a cholate fountain, Lakes of lemonade. Storms that make milkshakes. Childs paradise

Ripple No. x

Location: Black Dark Hills

1. The black river

This river divides in front of the cemetery gate into 3 branches

  • Vanish: just vanishes into the earth.
  • Downhill to the Edge: dripping and falling from the planet
  • Uphill into the sky: Airbrush painting the black sheep in the sky.
lone pine tree growing on island surrounded by water
The black river

Location: Cemetery

Object(s) at the cemetery:

  • The Lily: There are countless White Lilies scenting dangerously sweet, with drops of glistening dew.
  • Ruby: Tears of the ones we lost form startling rubies that grow on apple-trees. In these trees the Ransacked Song Sparrow lives and sings it’s healing song.
  • Walls made of perfect Silence, so we can hear the Whispers of the lost souls.


  • Sergeant Stubby: The dapper little war-dogs’ ghost.
  • The NightTh.Inkgail of Purper Music. Now I know. You are exploring Darkness and wonder: What is Darkness with a capital ‘D’? I tell you: Only a NightTh.Inkgail knows. And when you want to go all the way through Darkness, only a NightTh.Inkgail can have your back.

Location: Sculptor’s Monument Workshop

This workshop works with black marble. Making black dust. This dust attracts the most colorful marble ants. They make hills of black dust and live there. Walking streams of ants making paths through the cemetery are an enchanting sight. All colored gems, #Beads.

pawn chess piece
Statue of never ending, with negatives reflected.

Character(s): Sculptor

The Sculptor is an artist that writes form-poems to reflect on his progress. The architecture of Th.ought. He Listens to his statues, whispers from Souls, lost, whispers that come from his statue.

Protected by: Guinea fowl Bettina and Bettwina.


  • The never finishing statue: To Never Again stand between butterflies. The sculptor adds a new face every time some-one is buried at the cemetery. All these faces of past and present change the face of the statue at each moment. So they all will be remembered, even by living creatures that only saw that face, even that kind of remembrance keeps their memory alive.
To never again stand between butterflies
  • Negative Space statues: The Space around the never finishing statue is the negative where the whispers of souls we lost can be heard.
  • To Comfort: Maria Magdalena , who appeared three times in the bible. A biblical triptych by herself.
Maria Magdalena

3. At a Bench between sculptors’ workshop and the cemetery, sit 3 Prophets.

  • They are a Biblical Triptych:
    • Elijah: A Whisper…
    • Salomon: Song of songs
    • Job: If only I could Forget

Each Time the sculptor creates a new face, new dust is created, new dust needs to settle down. Three Prophets are waiting for the dust to settle, they watch the dust settle, for eternity.

Elijah: After the Earth was ripped apart, a whisper…
Job: I just want to forget

They are afraid of the pitfall of dust: When the dust settles, you’re exposed to yourself. That’s why you might prefer sitting here on this bench. Not knowing what you might SEE without dust and in the light of matches? Or even a Torch? Do you stay and have the grey mediocre life? Or dare you leave this place and start your own Journey?

To never stand with butterflies again (Midi)

The Prophets contemplate about the Edge of the planet, where they travelled to get the three boxes of matches you need to light the Torch of Creativity.

To light a Torch you need three matches:

  1. One will be wet with tears: An underwater-match made out of fluorescent fish on a leash of kelp
  2. One will break and die too soon: A safety match made out of fireflies on a stick
  3. One will burn but also your fingers: A dangerous match made of uncontrollable fire-butterflies in an iron cage

The Torches made of

  • The tree of good and evil,
  • The tree of life or of
  • Any tree with an unexpected life

need to be lighted with these three matches.

The Torch of Creativity that lights the stove fire at the eternal Christmas Market, in particular the stove of the House with the empty chairs, needs to be lit with these matches. Only in a creative atmosphere there is laughter.

C.Z. 8. Mountains

White mountains

Location: Frozen Vertical lakes

Objtect(s): Magical cold Ice-world with statues of all that asked the Right Question. Bettwina can give you a tour here.

selective focus photo of yellow petaled flower
Last Rose of Summer
Last Rose of summer


Goldfish in the snow, playing with an ice bear.

Ripple No.x.

Location: The Cabin of Bettwina

The cabin is made of the wood of the cut tree of Good and Evil. She has a chest with worn teeth from people who asks themselves the wrong questions and kept fretting.

aerial photography of house field and trees covered with snow
The Cabin of Bettwina

Bettwina, a guinea fowl, tells Stories and knows all about #Strings. How they are used to keep you listening as long as she wants to. Time shrinks, it is flying by.

  • Fast Lane to this Destination, with return ticket: When you asked the right question in the House of Questions. You are send here.
  • These white pearls are of special #Beads of personal Story. When a Story is so Unique it becomes Universal, that’s what these #BEads are about.
  • Great Great Grandmother of Bettina, the young guinea fowl that lives in the House of the Right Questions.

Protected by: Ice Butterflies. Christal wings that melt in a warm sun. Dangerously sharp edges.

Location: Sleigh rental

Here you go for upwards sleighing between frozen fish in the sky. Except for the Tree of Life at the Eternal Christmas Market, , this is only way to get transported into the atmospheres. For a living they pick up guests of Bettwina from the House of the Right Questions.


  • Nocalckis: a Bat with a low thundering voice and a beard. Never calculates.
  • NoLecksius: a Swan with beautiful long hair, beard and a golden beak and feet. Never reads.

Location: Glacier

1. Village

1.1 Eternal Christmas market

  • Tree of Life
  • Ghost of the Christmas-wolf looks alive and real in this world.
  • Happy little crowd of friends, neighbors, and family.
  • Warm fires
  • Christmas market with all kinds of cany and food
  • Hot wine, cocoa, gingerbread smells for the perfume maker Pico Ambrosius.
Story of the Christmas Wolf

1.2.The House with the empty chairs

Centered in the middle of the Christmas Market, under the Huge Christmas Tree of Life. Here you take a seat, have a Christmas dinner with in front of the person you miss the most this Christmas.

Perfect Harmony is in this moment at this location. When every-one is humming happily together.


  • The owner: A short muscled bear with green eyes. sturdy Italian army cook.
  • The help: A little round, black spotted piglet named Charcoal MacRacol makes the fire with allumettes. He collected them at the edge near the black river-dripping. that’s where he got the black stains. He took those matches and lighted them with fire of the Torch of Creativity at the fountain of Life.
  • Guests: characters that want to celebrate Christmas Eve with some-one they lost.
  • Christmas Wolf: Sleeps here in front of the fire-place.


C.Z. 9. Stormy Peaks

Ripple No.x.

Location: The Black Mountains.

These Mountains don’t freeze. Here the lakes are vertical, but they collapse when the planet changes direction. Then there is the phenomenon of falling lakes, winds, storms. It’s incredibly dangerous and unpredictable. When this happens, the water reaches all the way back to the black dunes, where it waters the black-sand gardens.

Standing on a peak, you can feel the ATYMal experience: to feel the Music, before it’s written down.

cloth with artistic design
Stormy Peaks

Walls made of Waves.

Little Goats walking these walls, the cattle of Bettwina. Herded by the shepherds’boy.

Shepherd boy: Is a heavenly shepherd-boy who can travel to these peaks, is still searching for his magic flute. This is a wise boy, a true oracle. He advises the King of the white marble castle.

Black and white animals where White and Black moutains interact: Panda Ants

C.Z. 10. The Edge

Riple No.x:

Downwards: Drip of the planet, black river branch.

Where you can fall of, dripping away with drops of the Black River.

Location: End of branch black river


Riple No.x:

Upwards: Rain into the sky and float in the atmoshpere

Location: End of Black river branch paintbrushes the black sheep.

C.Z. 11. The Atmosphere:

This is the Space where the CAPITAL words mean the most. It’s the down-earth characters trying to understand the up-air atmosphere to survive. Or better to understand why and how Music sounds in everything. Here you can experiment with all kinds of sound-colored-clouds.

In the Universe of Giants, the sun never sets, there is always light. Therefore, there are no natural seasons, nor days and nights at this planet. The sheep are there to make Day and Night and Clouds. Color those clouds with #Paint when the sun sets or rises.

  • The troposphere: The black and white Sheep make day and night, and skies with clouds. Sheep at night bring a warm, fuzzy, darkness. Countless Cosey sheep cover the sky at day and night. The black sheep get painted by fog of the black riverstream that goes upwards.
  • Here goldfish turn into yellow CanAria’s, that fly around to light up the Darkness. Because in the Universe of Miracles, you become what you do. When they ‘snow’ in the frozen mountains, they have the friendly Ice Bear to play with.
  • A moon of herrings rises when the dolphins get hungry, sardines in the night.
  • Even the constellations of deep-sea creatures float by and spin when Time changes direction. Then everything re-organizes from the chaos.
photo of jellyfishes
The sky at night

Night falls, when the white sheep clouds in the atmosphere are replaced by black sheep clouds. All huddling up to make the weather look grey and the night dark, warm and fluffy. Dusk and dawn are the moment the herds change shifts and #paints are used to experiment with sound-colors and contrast.

  • The Shepherds’ Boy shepherds sheep here, he was once called to the white marble port castle of the Juan Tapas Piri family. But that’s no place to stay.
  • CanAria: An Aria every-one can sing along, mostly lullaby’s.
  • CannedAria: Muted CanAria.
  • The stratosphere: The Starfish: Stars made of fluorescent fish and sometimes a moon of herrings. When dolfins play around. Winds and currents are different from the ‘normal’ storms.
  • The thermosphere: Nothingness when Time changes, complete Silence, not even Empty. Deafening Silence.
  • The exosphere: The giants’ world.
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