July 2019 Thaleia is a heroic, festive and tender composition for Wind Orchestra. Thaleia is the muse of comedy. Her name means ‘festive’ and ‘blossoming’. According to Diodorus Siculus, Hesoid named her Thaleia, because “men whose praises have been sung in poems flourish (thallein) through long periods of time”. (Diodorus Siculus, Library of History 4.7.1. C1st B.C.)

‘Thalia’ opens festive with trombones and bassoons. This composition is lovely for orchestra’s with full (double) reed sections and a deep low brass register, further extended by the contra-bassoon. This composition has been written for the composing course at the ‘Bayerische Musikakademie Marktoberdorf‘ with Stephen Melillo (composer/conductor). It will was played for study purposes during the course by ‘Wind-richtung ’19.

Thaleia, conducting Stephen Melillo, played by Wind-richtung 2019, Marktoberdorf, adjusted percussion.

Thaleia, digital representation, full percussion.

Download a part of ‘Thaleia’ for your instrument.